Summary of 2019 VEX Robotics World Championship

Summary of 2019 VEX Robotics World Championship

VEX 2019世锦赛总结









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The true first day of 2019 VEX Worlds

The true first day of 2019 VEX Worlds

Fantastic & Unsatisfactory flights

The marvellous sun rising in the morning on the flight from Xi'an to Beijing

The marvellous sun rising in the morning on the flight from Xi’an to Beijing

The first trip begin at 6:00 in the morning, it’s the most intensive boarding for me, which we arrived the airport an hour earlier and boarded before the taking off for just 30 minutes.
Also, the huge robots are carrying to the special channel. I heard the obvious noise when the conveyor belt was running.

On the flight, everybody was very tired because of staying up the whole night. But I didn’t feel sleepy, looking at the outside of the windows. It was charming and moving and also I have never seen the sunrise before.

Chicago O'Hare Airport

Chicago O’Hare Airport

The second flight from Beijing to Chicago operated by The United Airlines. To be honest, it was not as good as I thought before. The food, space, comfortability and so on were not very good.

And I deemed that I was able to review my schoolwork during the flight period, but I was totally wrong. I just played with Jessica and had lots of fun. We talked about a lot about school, life and many other things. I thought she is a really nice girl, a little bit like QBS. Having feasible childish is the most attractive aspect to me.

We went around the Outlets in the afternoon but I bought nothing. It’s totally the same as the Outlets in Seattle. I don’t think that I belong to this kind of places.

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Chicago day trip
May be the FIRST DAY?

May be the FIRST DAY?

It’s 2:51 now. I am in the robot laboratory in the school with my team members.

Everything is prepared. We’ll set out at 3:30. It’s surely the earliest time that I get to school and the earliest time to leave school. My classmates will have the mid term examination. I am a little fortunate but also a bit regretful.

I deem that today’s work about programming of autonomous is greater than any other day. I have debugged 4 kind of programs in different position. You know that, the feeling of hit the ball completely is really fantastic.

The 9 days VEX Worlds trip is beginning from now. There must be something exciting and also depressing. But everything will become the most valuable and forgettable memories and experiences for me.

By the way, perhaps I can be the one who waving the flag in the central stage at the VEX Worlds opening ceremony.

I don’t know why I am not sleepy at all now, although I was so sleepy right now. Hope it can be a good starts!

We’ll go to Beijing at first, and go to Chicago maybe one day later.

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西雅图 Day3

西雅图 Day3

The Nature Conservancy

Zuch Ferdana @CoastResilience Geospatial Information Officer(GIO)

  • flood tags API
  • use geo to show where the best place to restore the mangroves

good influence

  • fisheries
  • tourism
  • carbon storage

do a lot to find out why it was failed

need more example to make sure it will work

Mapping Ocean Wealth

  • coral reef
  • find nemo
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