Physical Exercises

Physical Exercises

On August 28th, I went to a military training base in rural area of my city with my fellow students. Originally, I thought it would be a tough time based on all my past formidable experience with such training. However, I didn’t take it anymore during my time in both middle and high school. I took a trip and had computer science classes instead. A fun fact is that I became the whitest among my class after they coming back from training.

Apart from worry, excitement also haunted around me because it’s been a long time to have a training. The result turned out it didn’t let me down and I really learned a lot from this fantastic experience.

Being a team leader

Trying my best to be the team leader is always my style, especially participating in a short-time camp. I frimly deem it’s a great opportunity to promote and improve myself. Then I became the leader of group 6 without any hesitate. I deeply know that I am lack of leadership and most important, the decisive personality. This time I failed again on improving that. Everytime I become a leader in a program, unfortunately, I never felt improvement in this field.

Besides that, I believe I did great a great job. Organizing the team, encourging everyone doing high-altitude program and cimmitting myself to everything I can.

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Our fantastic bridge -- Bridgination

Our fantastic bridge -- Bridgination

So, it’s time to prepare for the final exam and enjoy the only moment we have in fundation period. In addition, it’s time for me to do some review.

One of the colorful activities

May is the month of all kinds of colorful activities in my school. I participated in the bridge building competition which I was really reluctant to at first.
it's our bridge: "Bridgination", the name is given by myself!

it’s our bridge: “Bridgination”, the name is given by myself!

Hard and harsh

It was really a hard and harsh time for me to build a beautiful and strong bridge because I had no idea about any stuff about the bridge. What’s more, I have a team that I didn’t appreciate previously. Maybe I just wanted to do it with the mentality of playing.
What kind of bridge, how to build the pillar, how to connect all the parts united? I didn’t know how to deal with these massive problems. We just went forward step by step, mistake by mistake.
My teammate, Skywing (a frightening name right?), who is talented in building arches for the bridge, tried to make tons of archs used for his bow and arrow instead of being a part of our bridge. I didnot know how to persuade him at all. But luckily, he finally finshed the arch customed only for our bridge.


Maybe it’s a pretty sucessful presentation? I don’t know. However, it’s my first time to stand in the face of all the students from fundation class. I weared a suit because I think it’s a very formal occasion to show my respect. I was told I only had 5 minutes to present which truly makes me nervous and anxious.

At the moment standing on the stage, I saw the expecting eyes from the audience clearly. Speaking aloud with the gesture of my hand, it’s the only thing I remember. Everything including additional preparation was all forgotten behind my head.

When I finished, I heard applause one after another. I was excited and proud of my teammates and myself.

My team

My team


We won the Design Award and Aesthetic Award finally. It really surprised my teammates and me.

Something I learn from it

Team spirit

We are like a loose sand at first but after the hone, we all have grown up in several aspects. I am very thankful to my teammates Skywing, Wooken and Sydeny.

Making some friends

During the process, I was helped by many people including my classmates who was not in our team, the students from other class, the foreign teacher, the physics teacher…