VRC Change Up 2020-2021 Dev Log

VRC Change Up 2020-2021 Dev Log



Today we officially began our new season robotics development. To be honest, I have less time available this season due to my SAT and TOEFL exam and college application stuff. However, I want to insist on this activity which I’ve already participated since my middle school. My job will gravitate mainly on programming.

Plus, we move to a brand new activity room with double area and completely new equipment and match field. Hope I can achieve some accomplishments that I left as pities last season.

So sad that today I am alone in my team. They are all busy preparing AP makeup exams, although I also need to retake.

Task List

  • Get started and familiar with code formatting and competition template again.
  • Recode and design my code format and template.
  • Finish the entire base program with optimization
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