World Robot Contest Finals

World Robot Contest Finals

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A short break during the application season

While it comes, the application seasion, full of tension, sadness and happiness. At this time, just after finsihing submitting all UC applications, I decided to join this competiton held in Foshan, Guangdong, which is a prosperous city around the Guangzhou. It is a short break for me, for I have some time to reflect the early application season including EA and UC and better think how could I improve in the future. Also, I haven’t taken any VEX competition for almost a year due to the COVID. It is the best time for me to catch up with this brand new season and implement my new-learned knowledge in real match.


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A short trip to Beijing

A short trip to Beijing

This month is really a busy month. Writing essays for application, preparing for TOEFL, learning school courses and participating in Yau Science Awards really stressed me a lot. I feel like I have never been busy as much as now. It’s not only about my academic works, since I need to consider many other things that are simple but costs tons of time. All things combined,it’s a challenge for me and I need to and have to admit it.

Coming to Beijing

After a week long prepare with my mentor, reviewing my paper and debugging my neural network model, I came to Beijing for semifinal of Yau Science Award(Computer) yesterday. Though I’ve been to many places without my parents, I was accompanied with teachers or schoolmates. This trip is truly the first trip that I went alone. To be honest, I even was a little nervous at first.

Everything went OK the first day. Arriving by bullet train, I took 3 subway lines to go to my hotel next to Tsinghua University. The hotel is fine but I booked a room without windows for cheaper price. However, it was really a awful experience that I felt unwell staying at the room. (I swear I would never book a room without room again) So I decided to go to the university for checking the route in advance just in case that I might get lost the next day.

To be honest, I don’t have a good impression of Beijing based on previous visits. No exception, it’s the same this time. I don’t know if it’s a prejudice or something else. Anyway, I don’t like this city. It imposes bad feeling to me.

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My first debate competition

My first debate competition

New challenge

I’ve never imagine that one day I can stand on a debate stage and speak in English. My classmate Vivian who is good at English and speaks fluently invited me to participate in a debate competition because of vacancy of her partner. Thinking that the students who are good at oral English are all in the debate club, I accept the invitation at once.

Think now, I am thankful for Vivian to give me a chance to face new challenge. We should finish our debate draft early but it lasted until three days before the official competition.


Just coming back from the VEX worlds, I was excited and felt still live in the life there. Exactly, the debate competition came. Vivian and I prepared for the debate on the whole Monday night. Both of us are students living, but we used phones and computer secretly just like thief, preventing from discovering by the teacher.

My assignment was the draft of PROS. The debate topic was about refugees. I strangled my brain to write down everything I could think about. It was hard but expanded my thinking a lot.

A normal night

The last night before the debate competition. I got the suit and tried on in my dormitory. My dormmate helped me to adjust the tie. There exist a second, I felt very lucky to be classmates and friends with them.

I intended to review the debate draft at night, but I fell asleep quickly and unconsciously.

5:50 AM, the teacher woke me up. I got up quickly without any sleepy. To my surprise, my dormmate encouraged me and hoped me to get a good rank, even he was sleeping on the bed well.

Exciting day

We had 4 rounds on the first day. Every time we were PROS unexpectedly. I really enjoyed the feeling and atmosphere when two sides were debating. Just like a spark collision of thinking. We even beat the Nanjing Foreign Language School because of the excellent cooperation of Vivian and me.

On the afternoon, when all the rounds ended. I heard my name from the host. We entered the top eight!

On the bus

Because we were PROS in all four rounds, I thought we were familiar with the strategy and pace of PROS. Then, I suggested Vivian being PROS tomorrow if it was possible. But it was the divergence of us. She had finished the CONS draft but it didn’t work at all. She want to be the CONS tomorrow. I requested her on the whole way back to the school.

Finally, I gave up. I realized that I was a little impolite to treat a girl in this way. Everybody need to practice and exercise in the competition. I apologized to her and then prepare for the next day.

Unexpected results

We are the last of the quarter-finals, which means that the first day of our first knockout opponent is the first place. We were hopeless but tried our best to compete for the top four. After the competition, we felt that we were certainly lose the game. But to our surprise, we won the game!!!

Both of Vivian and I was too excited because we defeated the group first. At that moment, I felt like my heart is jumping out!

But we lost the semifinal at last. However, we were still very happy because it’s a very perfect ranking.

Think more deeply

First, I have made many friends through the competition. They are from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, which are more advanced than Xi’an. There are many things I can consult and learn form them. Also, I find all the competition whatever the field is, robot, computer, debate, the true meaning is meet more friends and expand my horizons.

Second, I understand and cherish my old friends more. After a competition, a few days staying together, we all made progress and became a better me. The old friends, the partners, they are different for me. We learned from each other and communicate more effectively.

At last

At last, I want to say that thanks to Vivian, I learned a lot from her. Not only about the skills of debating, but also the truth of life.


Summary of 2019 VEX Robotics World Championship

Summary of 2019 VEX Robotics World Championship

VEX 2019世锦赛总结














VEX 比赛中,联队的联络是非常重要的。有时候学姐需要去练习场或者打技能赛的时候,我就主动去帮助学姐联络接下来的联队。既可以更加熟悉VEX 的比赛规则,了解整个分区的其他队伍,又可以锻炼自己的英语水平。














还没有来到比赛场地,没有走进Freedom Hall的时候,我一直都在思考,自己此行的目的究竟是什么。最开始,我认为要竭尽自己所能,帮助团队取得最好的成绩。可当推着箱子走进灯光璀璨的比赛场地时,当站在凳子上将国旗高高悬挂在队伍的展板上时,当对面的陌生人主动向我问好时,VEX 比赛成绩对我来说已经不重要了,重要的是在这个世界性的舞台上展示自己,展示中国。大胆地、勇敢地去和来自全世界各地的、不同文化、不同信仰、不同价值观的同龄人交流、学习、共同进步。比赛只是一个很好的形式,技术的切磋必定伴随着广泛的交流。



我认识了德克萨斯州热情的Dover, 我们谈论了很多中美的差异问题,简单的问题却联系起了两个异国人;我认识了来自阿联酋的小胖,宗教从来不是阻碍我们交流的原因;我认识了纽约州两个初中男孩和他们的父亲,兄弟两人在爸爸的教导下已经参加VEX比赛3年了;我认识了来自英国伦敦的一群可爱的朋友,甚至询问他们关于脱欧“Brexit”的看法;更加幸运的是,我认识了来自华盛顿州西雅图的Emrecs, 他的父亲在微软总部从事Onenote的开发工作。我们坐在看台上聊了很久,我从未想过能遇到与自己一样热爱微软的他。这真的是一次极其难得的机会,我能够认识来自全世界各地的同龄人,用着同一种语言,表达自己的思想。交流,真的是一件很美妙的事情。




A perfect event

A perfect event

A fantastic and amazing event that I will never forget

I was in the front of the lobby hanging our robot with my teammate

I was in the front of the lobby hanging our robot with my teammate


The VEX Worlds Champion is held in the expo of Kentucky. It’s really big and great. When I first stepped into the west wing that our competition will be held, a strong feeling of achievement and happiness came to my heart suddenly. You’ll never know how excited I was at that time.

As soon as we had finished the preparation, the team across from us came and talk with us, they are really friendly and fantastic. I don’t know why I was very pleasured to speak with them in English although my English is not very well. They are interested in China, they said that the most impressive thing for them of China is the High Speed Train. They even call it bullet train. Then we talked a lot about the differences between China and America.

guys from Texas

guys from Texas

guys from UK, we even talked about the Brexit. :)

guys from UK, we even talked about the Brexit. :)

guys from Columbia, the people from different parts of the world are able to communicate with each other in English, how fantastic!

guys from Columbia, the people from different parts of the world are able to communicate with each other in English, how fantastic!

With my teammates Jerry, he is really funny

With my teammates Jerry, he is really funny

My friend Tony bought a customized sweatshirt printed by GirlPowered

My friend Tony bought a customized sweatshirt printed by GirlPowered

The openning ceremony, parade of nations. It's really huge and exciting. The Senator of Kentucky also gave us a speech. I am proud of represented of China to participate the International Robotic competition

The openning ceremony, parade of nations. It’s really huge and exciting. The Senator of Kentucky also gave us a speech. I am proud of represented of China to participate the International Robotic competition

Our robot is on the competition stage "NASA", we are nervous but exciting

Our robot is on the competition stage “NASA”, we are nervous but exciting

We are having a interview by the judgers from VEX

We are having a interview by the judgers from VEX

Now, it is 5 AM. Just debugging our autonomous program. Sitting by the lake

Now, it is 5 AM. Just debugging our autonomous program. Sitting by the lake

西雅图 Day7

西雅图 Day7




接着来到了微软的一个餐厅,那一瞬间,我在想如果能留住气味该多好。顺着神奇的空中木制阶梯,我们走到了sailing house,就像是树屋一样。透过窗户,可以看到里面还有人在编程。这种办公氛围真的是十分惬意。

然后就是微软展览馆和纪念品店。真的是十分激动,亲眼看到了surface studio,亲自试听了surface headphone,再看看价钱,真香!





西雅图 Day6

西雅图 Day6









GIX 2019冬令营学员 李昊锦

2019年2月14日晚于Bellevue Coast Hotel