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August 17, 2023   

I fell in love with this place after just two hours.

This is our stop while heading to Venice from Budapest which is in total a 7 hour drive so we decided to take a night at the middle Maribor, Slovenia. We arrived here much early than expected and had a time to walk around the town area and had a nice dinner here.

The view from the Airbnb was breathtaking, overlooking a vineyard nestled on the slope of the mountain. The host family was incredibly welcoming, and despite a language barrier, communication was surprisingly smooth.

The town walk was a delightful experience. Some might dismiss it as just another typical town with a central church, but to me, each town has its own unique charm. This one, though small and quiet, was brimming with hospitality. The people were exceptionally friendly, and our late-night dinner was accompanied by a host of locals. The entire street was lined with restaurants, creating a vibrant atmosphere bustling with people.

Driving at night in this hidden gem of a town was a memorable experience. The perfect breeze, dim street lights, and ambient music created an enchanting atmosphere. I would love to revisit this little hidden treasure again…

Haojin Li
CompSci + PoliSci undergrad - because one major alone wasn’t enough to confuse me.