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August 14, 2023   

Frankly, this is my least favourite city so far.

Driving to Prague

Our journey began with a drive from Bamberg to Nuremberg last night. After a brief overnight stay, we continued our journey towards Prague. The drive was somewhat lengthy, taking around three hours. Fortunately, I was able to enjoy the final stretch of unlimited speed limit. The moment we crossed into the Czech Republic, the speed limit dropped, and I jokingly felt as though a part of me had died.

Crowded Prague Castle

Our first stop in Prague was the Prague Castle, which includes the Old Grand Palace and a cathedral surrounding it. However, the city was bustling with people, which oddly made me feel at home. The queue to enter the castle was so long it wrapped around the entire castle. Consequently, we decided not to wait, a decision we maintained throughout the trip.

Charles Bridge

Next, we strolled towards the historic area of Prague, traversing the renowned Charles Bridge. After witnessing numerous bridges across various rivers, this one didn’t quite stand out. Nonetheless, it was bustling with people. Its redeeming quality was the decent view it provided of the ancient Prague castle area.

The Museum of Communism

This museum is incredibly intriguing, likely my favorite spot in Prague, surpassing all the historical structures and castles. It encompasses a broad spectrum of topics and issues from the communist era of Czechoslovakia. There was an abundance of information to absorb, but I managed to peruse most of it, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the communist regime here. Much of it reminded me of my home country, and I found myself relating to this history from decades ago far more than I anticipated.

I also kept thinking of a friend of mine who was very interested in communism and took a class on the subject with me. Fortunately, I have a gift for him and I hope he likes it.

Dancing House

This is the house I remembered, as it appeared in my elementary school art textbook. It was somewhat surreal to actually see this building in front of me, much like many other places we’ve visited here in Europe. These places used to only exist in my memories and dreams and now I am here.

Národní muzeum

This museum is not only intriguing but also boasts a grand exterior and interior design, featuring two completely distinct themes: natural history and the country’s history. These themes are explored in each half of the floor, each offering thoughtful presentations complete with actual sculptures and multimedia. One key insight from the history section is the evident struggle this country, and Europe in general, has faced due to numerous wars. It is clear that they are striving to maintain their independence and peace.

Additionally, the third floor provides a panoramic view of the city, which is quite impressive.

Overall, I didn’t quite warm up to this seemingly historical and charming city, primarily due to the overwhelming crowds which significantly impacted the vibe I had envisioned for Prague. Furthermore, the prices, particularly in the tourist areas, were considerably higher even compared to places like Paris and the Netherlands, where I’ve previously visited. This gave me the impression of being overcharged as a tourist in this city. I wouldn’t particularly recommend visiting during peak tourist season. It’s uncertain whether the experience would be different in less crowded times.