My first debate competition

My first debate competition

New challenge

I’ve never imagine that one day I can stand on a debate stage and speak in English. My classmate Vivian who is good at English and speaks fluently invited me to participate in a debate competition because of vacancy of her partner. Thinking that the students who are good at oral English are all in the debate club, I accept the invitation at once.

Think now, I am thankful for Vivian to give me a chance to face new challenge. We should finish our debate draft early but it lasted until three days before the official competition.


Just coming back from the VEX worlds, I was excited and felt still live in the life there. Exactly, the debate competition came. Vivian and I prepared for the debate on the whole Monday night. Both of us are students living, but we used phones and computer secretly just like thief, preventing from discovering by the teacher.

My assignment was the draft of PROS. The debate topic was about refugees. I strangled my brain to write down everything I could think about. It was hard but expanded my thinking a lot.

A normal night

The last night before the debate competition. I got the suit and tried on in my dormitory. My dormmate helped me to adjust the tie. There exist a second, I felt very lucky to be classmates and friends with them.

I intended to review the debate draft at night, but I fell asleep quickly and unconsciously.

5:50 AM, the teacher woke me up. I got up quickly without any sleepy. To my surprise, my dormmate encouraged me and hoped me to get a good rank, even he was sleeping on the bed well.

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